Paper Products - Wiper Rolls
Monster Wiper Rolls: 2ply 1000 Blue - Size: 2 PK 2Ply Blue>
Comprehensive floorstand range. Highly absorbent Wiping paper. Large bonded perforated sheets for use with forecourt mobile dispensers. High wet strength, in blue. High volume rolls economical wiping format. Hygienic packaging clearly with full product specifications. Ideal for the Big Trade user.
Paper Products - WIPER ROLLS
"PLENTY" Kitchen Rolls - Size: Per case>
Paper Products - Wiper rolls
Centre feed rolls 2ply White 150mt - Size: 6 Rolls>
Centre pull/feed hand towels, The ideal high absorbant wipe per case of 6 rolls 2ply White. Buy Bulk at 12.75
Paper Products - Wiper Rolls
DAIRY Hand Wipes Strong - Size: 6 Rolls Heavy Duty>
Strong Dairy Wiper Roll. 2 ply Flat Sheet Heavy Duty and our Strongest Hand Towel roll. Packed 6 Rolls per case and 150 mt Long per roll. Just what the farmer wanted.
Paper Products - Wiper rolls
Embossed Centre Feed Rolls 2 ply blue 145Mt - Size: 6 Rolls>
centre pull rolls for catering or industrial use packed per case of 6 rolls. 2 Ply Blue ideal for Catering outlets. Our Biggest selling Paper Disposable Wipe. Buy Bulk at 14.50
Paper Products - Wiper rolls
Mini centre pull rolls 2ply White - Size: 12 Rolls>
Mini centre pull rolls (compact & absorbant rolls) per case 12 rolls 2ply White